flashpplayer needed. for ipad

  Grizzley 12:59 PM 25 Feb 13

hi folks, i need a flashplayer to use on my ipad. due to adobe not doing mobile versions, can somebodyy please help. ii can noot view some pagges due to this probllem.. hope you can help me. mmuch appreciated.

  Zeppelyn 13:53 PM 25 Feb 13

Use the Puffin web browser available in the app store.

  Woolwell 13:57 PM 25 Feb 13

You will need a different browser from Safari. Google search will turn them up. I haven't used them. Flash is not natively supported on the iPad. If you want to see BBC (News or Sports) then their apps allow you to view videos.

  muddypaws 18:55 PM 25 Feb 13

Just started a thread re Flash and my N7, but hasn't appeared yet!

Try this. Works for me.See here.

  Woolwell 20:25 PM 25 Feb 13

My understanding that flash apps/browsers use an intermediate server to stream the flash as a video stream to devices. The quality and reliability depends on your link speed and the quality of that. I find that I don't miss flash.

  catpwss 14:44 PM 27 Feb 13
  Woolwell 16:13 PM 27 Feb 13

catpwss - That is for Android not iOS.

  catpwss 21:12 PM 27 Feb 13



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