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  shellship 17:42 21 Sep 06

Some time ago I created a simple macro in an Excel workbook. It was not very satisfactory so I deleted it. However, when I open this workbook it still comes up with the message that the workbook contains macros and do I want to enable or disable etc. If I go to Tools/Macros no macro is shown. How do I get rid of the message please.

  VoG II 18:30 21 Sep 06

Is the module still there? ALT+F11 to open the visual Basic Editor, click on Modules in the left hand pane (if there) then File > Remove Module.

  shellship 22:09 21 Sep 06

Thanks but no thanks. When doing Alt F11 all I have is macros from Click Book (programme I use to print booklets from Word). No reference to modules in no left hand plane.

  VoG II 22:20 21 Sep 06

Then insert a worksheet, move all of the other worksheets to a new worksheet.

  VoG II 22:21 21 Sep 06

Then insert a worksheet, move all of the other worksheets to a new workBOOK.

  silverous 08:38 22 Sep 06

Following what Vog initially sugested, try clicking on all the Sheets & "ThisWorkbook" (in the left pane) as well after doing ALT-F11 - the macro might not be in a module but in one of the sheets or the workbook area?

  silverous 08:39 22 Sep 06

Sorry - that should be "double clicking" on each of those items and check for any code. Single click won't show them.

  shellship 09:17 22 Sep 06

Thanks. When VoG suggests moving all worksheets other than the newly inserted one to a new workbook does he mean copy, if so, won't the hiding macro go with the copy?

  VoG II 09:42 22 Sep 06

No it won't - well it shouldn't unless this is a worksheet code module created by right clicking a sheet tab, selecting View Code and inserting a macro.

  skeletal 10:45 22 Sep 06

This rings a bell from ages ago! IIRC, once you have created a macro Excel "remembers" the creation; it is this memory that triggers the message. Deleting the macro won't delete the "memory" of its creation so you still get the message.

Copying over the worksheet to a new workbook as VoG suggests should solve the problem because the new workbook won't have the "memory".


  shellship 11:55 22 Sep 06

You are the greatest! Thanks

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