DVD writer not "seen" by Windows 7 machine

  Chitterlow 15:40 29 Sep 10

My external Samsung SE-S224Q works perfectly on my Vista laptop so I know the writer and USB lead is OK, but when I plug it into my Windows 7 desktop I hear the usual sound effect to indicate that a USB device has been plugged in but when I go "My Computer" the device is not seen. Can anybody help.

  Chitterlow 08:09 30 Sep 10

Hi. I followed your instructions and the "hide drives box" was unchecked so it isn't that. Thanks anyway. You showed me something I didn't know.
Thanks Chitterlow

  KremmenUK 10:38 30 Sep 10

Have a dig in the registry and home in on "upperfilters" and "lowerfilters" if you find them delete them.

  Chitterlow 17:22 30 Sep 10

Hi KremmenK
Thanks for the tip but I don't feel sufficiently competant to mess about with the registery.
What puzzles me is that the computer has no difficulty in seeing flash drives,external HDDs,cameras, mobile phones MP3 players etc, so why the problem wth this DVD writer?.

  Chitterlow 07:22 01 Oct 10

Where do I find the Microsoft Fit it button?

  chub_tor 09:05 01 Oct 10

If you click on the link supplied by Lazarus The 2nd it is about a third of the way down the page in a box under the section Fix it for me.

  Chitterlow 11:17 02 Oct 10

Thanks Lazarus The 2nd. I now know what the "Fix it" button will look like when I find it. It's not on the keyboard so I assume it's in an application or programme. Which one?


  chub_tor 17:45 02 Oct 10

The fix it button is on the webpage given by Lazarus The 2nd's "click here" Just click on his link and scroll down to find it.

  Chitterlow 11:05 03 Oct 10

Hi Lazarus the 2nd. Forgive my stupidity but I did not know I had to be in the Microsoft help website.
I have now run the diagnostic prog and it confirms that my samsung ext drive is indeed USB connected but that it has not been assigned a drive letter and the problem has not been fixed. What now?

  james105051 15:37 10 Nov 10

Rifht click My Computer on your desktop

Select Manage

Select Manage Hard Drives

Scroll down to you USB drive and right click

Select Assign\Change Drive Letter

In the scroll down box choose a letter of your choice for the drive

Apply\OK out and your drive should now be recognised with an assigned drive letter.

  Chitterlow 17:58 10 Nov 10

Thanks for trying to help. I have followed your instructions, but when I go into "Manage Drives" all the assigned drives are visible but there is no sign of my sign of my USB Samsung DVD Writer so I can't assign it a letter. I can tell it is connected because the usual sound effects occur on plugging and unplugging.


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