Does an iMac connect to present windows network?

  BigMan24 17:56 26 Aug 06

Hi there,

I already have a wireless network in my home. I have my main pc and a laptop. The wireless router is connected to the internet and the main pc is connected via cable to the router, where the laptop is connected via wifi.

I am planning to buy a new iMac. Will this connect to my current wireless network?

I realise this is a very general question and I havent given u much info. But does an iMac need to use a different network to windows computers?

Thanks very much!

  ade.h 18:26 26 Aug 06

Yes, it will. It uses standard networking protocols and the OS configurations principles will be broadly similar. A couple of the other networking regulars are mixed-OS users.

  ade.h 18:27 26 Aug 06

That's "yes" to your second paragraph, not the third.

  BigMan24 18:11 27 Aug 06


Do u know if an iMac has built in wireless technology?

thansk again!

  ade.h 18:14 27 Aug 06

Nope, never used one. It may well do. I assume that you're talking about a desktop?

  BigMan24 19:18 27 Aug 06

Yeah it is a desktop, not a laptop.

General question: I've not bought a desktop for some time. But is it common for desktops to have built in ability to connect to a wireless network (i.e. like most modern laptops)??

Cheers again!

  ade.h 19:51 27 Aug 06

Not with IBM-based dektops, no. It's virtually unheard of, as you're expected to want to use a cable and most motherboards have a built-in Ethernet LAN port, which means that the box-shifter doesn't have to cover the cost of another part. Apple, however, may be more enlightened.

  BigMan24 20:05 27 Aug 06

thanks for ur help!

much appreciated

  powerless 21:47 27 Aug 06

Do u know if an iMac has built in wireless technology?


They do, yes, as well as Bluetooth!

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