Do you intend to buy the new iPad?

  PC Advisor 12 Mar 12

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Latest Poll: Do you intend to buy the new iPad?

  buteman 12 Mar 12

Only if you can get me a 50% discount.

I was thinking of getting one but thought that it was a bit on the expensive side for me.

Would probably have to hide it from the other half if I still wanted to live.

So looks like a No from me,But you never know.

  Woolwell 12 Mar 12

No - because I already have iPad2 and see no reason to change.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12 Mar 12

No, because I just don't need one.

  interzone55 12 Mar 12

This will please Apple - so far 7 votes polled, with 100% No.

Personally I really can't see a use for one, I have a laptop for general home use, a desktop PC for when more grunt is required on a job, a netbook for catching on Facebook etc in bed or when travelling, and an Android phone for general surfing on the move.

  Quickbeam 12 Mar 12

No, I haven't broken the two I use now yet.

  john bunyan 12 Mar 12

No: too little memory for price; does not replace a laptop for windows use. A nice "extra" but pricy.

  Aitchbee 12 Mar 12

Yesterday, I saw a 'lil ol' lady' whip out an ipad lookalike, on the bus, and I thought to myself... I might be doing the same thing in twenty years' time...if I'm lucky!

  Woolwell 12 Mar 12

Memory is not an issue for me. The great advantage is its portability and ease of use. It fires up instantly, has a good battery life and I would not consider a netbook instead. The drawback is price.

  ams4127 12 Mar 12


My original iPad still does what I want and is in pristine condition.

  Chegs ®™ 12 Mar 12

No,too pricey and I have no use for one.


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