comodo time machine ????

  acein1 09:14 20 Jul 10

hi, dose anybody use this program,as far as i can tell its a replacement for "system restore" only much better,( a bit like "go back " ) was back in windows 98 ,?? anyone still using 98.

  Chris the Ancient 09:52 20 Jul 10

What scares me with Comodo is that it rolls back your data files as well! Not what I would want after a long day's work on them.

I'm more than happy with System Restore and Acronis True Image. My system, and data, are separately backed up incrementally so I can restore *what* I want to *whatever* state I want.


  matofthemint 14:29 20 Jul 10

I tried it some time back and it doesn't always function. You might get a backup and you might not. Had to un-install it.
You might go the Comodo forum and find more.

  mfletch 14:37 20 Jul 10

Ive tried it and I could not remove it from my system,

So if I was you I wouldn't bother with it,

Had to do a reinstall of Vista

  gengiscant 15:20 20 Jul 10

I'm with' mfletch' on this one,it made a bit of a mess of my PC.

  acein1 16:21 20 Jul 10

many thanks to you all for replies,i will leave well alone cheers

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