Cleaning a iPad 2 screen

  iqs 08 Jul 11

Hi al Just wondering what the safest way is for cleaning the screen of my ipad2 ?

Would chemicals damage the screen,is it best just to use a camera lens cloth? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Jul 11

Non alcoholic cleaner

Glasses cleaner solution and your microfibre cloth will work fine.

  ams4127 08 Jul 11

Tesco - Brasso Gadget Care for all screens. Excellent product.

  iqs 08 Jul 11

Hi, and many thanks for the advice,much appreciated .

I have seen this product,I was hoping this would be ideal?,your thoughts please

  wee eddie 08 Jul 11

I believe that Bill Gates recommends you use a Brillo Pad!

  Procrastinus 09 Jul 11

I use a clean soft handkerchief dampened with distilled water.

  iqs 11 Jul 11

Hi, Just purchased the cloth from John Lewis,well worth the £5.

  Crosstrainer2 11 Jul 11

I like wee eddies idea (not) but I have my iPad 2 in a protective all round cover. It protects the screen fine. Periodically I remove it, and clean with a micro fibre cloth.

My iPhone is protected with military grade otter box kit. Still remove the shell from time to time and clean the same way.

I have heard too many disaster stories not to.

  bremner 11 Jul 11

This is what Apple sell Click Here

It is expensive but lasts a considerable time - still have at least two thirds left after two years.

Use it on iMac, laptops, iPhone, iPad, spectacles and my HD TV, it leaves no smears and cleans even the most marked screens.


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