Can't see Linux machine through Windows XP

  csqwared 28 Feb 13

I have two Win XP machines and a Linux Mint. I can access the shared folders of my Win machines from Linux but Win machines, in the Workgroup, shows the Linux connection as "MyMint server (Samba, Linux Mint)(MyMint)" but I can't access files on that machine. "MyMint" is the computer name. Any ideas on how to access files please?

  LastChip 01 Mar 13

If you are saying you can access the Mint machine (icon), but cannot open folders, have you shared one?

I suspect you haven't. Right click on a suitable folder and share it just as you do in Windows and it should appear as a share in Windows.

Generally speaking, Mint is really easy. Let us know if you still have a problem.

Also, make sure Windows has fully booted, as it's network configuration is one of the last things it does and it can be as slow as hell.

  csqwared 01 Mar 13


New you'd spring to the rescue!! Exactly that, not set the folder to share. Simples!!

Thanks again.

(Time on post says 1.54am. Are you really still awake at that time?

  LastChip 01 Mar 13

Great - good result and yes, I am a night owl!


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