Cannot login. Screen lags crazily after update

  Luviein 06:15 10 Mar 17

I have recently updated my Mac book pro from version 8 to 10 and its Yosemite. After that it is impossible to login. The mouse is moving like 1 FPS. After I moved my mouse it lags horribly and after 10 seconds then it moves a little. I can't even login like this. I tried searching other forums But it doesn't help my situation.

Any forms of advice will be appteciated. I don't wanna bring it to Apple repair cos it's gonna be damn expensive.

  Forum Editor 15:41 10 Mar 17

Do you have anything connected to the USB port?

Does this happen on battery and on mains power?

Have you tried a wired mouse?

  Luviein 15:47 10 Mar 17


I have my wireless mouse connected to the USB port only. I have the power source charged in. I dont have any sort of wired mouse in my household.

It works fine on my windows, it's just this mac update caused this whole annoyance. Any idea?

  Forum Editor 17:29 10 Mar 17

"Any idea?"

You can revert to MacOs 8, which would at least get you out of trouble. Lots of people have experienced your problem, and there are any number of possibilities, but you may just find it easier to revert until you have time to find a definitive fix - if one exists.

Take a look at this.

A wired mouse would probably be worth trying before you go any further - perhaps you can borrow one to try?

  Luviein 06:14 11 Mar 17

Is it to use time machine restore? I'm currently at it now and it's taking forever to find a backup?

  Luviein 06:19 11 Mar 17

It seems like I don't have a backup? What do I do now?

  jessi451 21:47 11 Mar 17

i think it's because of hardware not software !

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