Can you use a pre-paid SIM in an iPad, to avoid roaming charges?

  Pineman100 04 Jul 11

A friend is going to Canada for a few weeks. He's just bought a wi-fi/3G iPad and is considering using it there for internet/email access. But he's worried about being hammered by roaming charges.

Is it possible for him to buy a pre-paid SIM in Canada, for use in his iPad? I don't know anything about iPads - do they use a standard, universally-available SIM?

Any advice would be welcome.

  Crosstrainer2 05 Jul 11

There are 2 companies that provide iPad service in the USA and I think Canada one is Verizon the other is AT&T. Your friend should contact them to see if they do as a pay as you go service, but I'm afraid my gut feeling is no.

iPads sold in the USA are supplied with one of these sims, but on a contract basis only.

Worth contacting them, and also his / her present service provider. Remember if they are staying somewhere with wifi access they can use that for a much cheaper cost.

  Pineman100 05 Jul 11

Thanks very much, Crosstrainer2.

I have already mentioned the wi-fi alternative to him, but he wondered whether he could also use the 3G option without huge costs.

I'll suggest that he enquires about Verizon and AT&T, and also talks to his UK provider.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

  Crosstrainer2 05 Jul 11

No problem! :))

  bremner 05 Jul 11

Not sure Verizon or AT&T is in Canada

Click Here

  Pineman100 05 Jul 11

Thanks bremner. My pal goes to Canada quite often, so I'm sure he will know who the main mobile service providers are. I guess one or more of them will deal with iPads.

I've spoken to him this morning, and if a pre-paid SIM is not available he seems resigned to only using his iPad on wi-fi, in hotels, etc.

Now that he knows how the system works, he's going to do the rest of the investigations himself (thank goodness!)

So I'll close this thread now, with many thanks to you and to Crosstrainer2.

  Pineman100 05 Jul 11

Forgot the tick!

  Crosstrainer2 05 Jul 11

Both AT&T and Verizon will work in Canada link text

link text

I'm not sure the Canadian providers will work with a UK iPad, the two above will:))

  bremner 05 Jul 11

Crosstrainer 2

AT&T and Verizon will work in Canada but I do not know how far into Canada their signal leaks before you pay roaming charges.

My colleague bought a Rogers Pre paid when in Toronto although I do recall issues with using his british credit card. If I remember a Canadian with whom we were working had to use his for him.

  Crosstrainer2 05 Jul 11

That's the main issue here really, it can be made to work, but the costs are likely to be huge. Might be best to stick to wifi, although his own service provider may give a two week deal.

Remember that roaming charges for UK providers have recently been reduced due to OFCOM forcing the issue.


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