Buying Bare Bones Machine

  Abel 21 Aug 12

woodchip, rdave13 suggested this bare bones machine to me, see could I have your slant on it please or any other suggestion. rdave12, no offence, just getting another view

  Abel 21 Aug 12

I don't know how it could have happened, clumsy probably, but my comment related to a suggestion of rdave13

  KRONOS the First 21 Aug 12

A quick pricing job on Ebuyer £181:76 which includes £32:20 for a case which I believe you have.

  Abel 21 Aug 12

Morning Chronus, apart from the hard drives, I intend to start totally afresh. I may some time use the case and other bits I have, moherboard, CPU etc., to make myself more familiar with the internal workings of a computer. In the meantime, I want to get away from this wretched laptop to something a little more responsive. I'll have a look at Ebuyer

  Abel 21 Aug 12

Chronus, I can't find that machine you speak of on Ebuyer, could you send me a link please?

  KRONOS the First 21 Aug 12

It was not a bundle I just priced separate components.

  Abel 21 Aug 12

Thanks Chronus

  Abel 21 Aug 12

where are you woodchip? After lotvic's comments about you, I will value your opinion.

  rdave13 21 Aug 12

Abel no offence taken..sniff. The only thing with Novatech is the useful instructions that come with a motherboard bundle or BB bundle. Although have never needed their help I've heard they're excellent over the phone. There's an AMD one that's a tenner cheaper in the list. Remember to add an OS and a Sata optical drive. So long as you're not a heavy gamer! Over to the other members with their thoughts. :)

  Abel 21 Aug 12

I called Novatech this morning, feeling a little inadequate about asking such basic questions on this Forum. Given the usual press 1 for this etc., I considered my question to be of a technical nature so that was the option I picked. I was greeted by some supercilious bloke called Richard who, when I asked my question, went on to tell me I was effectively wrong in contacting the techies option and should have selected the option for sales. He then went on to provide the answer to my question, about which I cut him short and rang off. Bad customer care!

I have heard very good reports about Novatech on this and other Forums, but I'm afraid if I had to deal with the Richards' of these organisations I probably wouldn't go back. I do sincerely hope I don't have to ask them any technical questions, if I decide to buy from them

  KRONOS the First 21 Aug 12

I to have read good reports on their customer service, unfortunately their service to me on two occasions makes me reluctant to use them again.

As for feeling inadequate about asking basic questions,don't be so silly.It was not so many years ago that I was asking what I would consider now as basic questions. So ask away.


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