Bought a 4GB machine but can only see 3GB?

  archieb 13:33 08 May 07

Hello all,

Anyone here recently bought a new Vista PC with 4GB of memory, or upgraded an older one to 4GB, with or withour Vista, only to find that the last gigabyte of memory is unavailbe? If so, I'd be interested in hearing your experiences for possibly inclusion in a national newspaper article.

If anyone wishes to reply off-forum, then you can email me directly at archibald_bogus@[pleasedeletethisbit]

Thanks muchly,

Archie B (just my forum name, obv)

  Pine Man 13:49 08 May 07

It is virtually impossible to get Vista 32-bit software to recognise 4GB of RAM.

It wasn't until I bought 4GB that I realised how well known this problem is and it is also acknowledged by Microsoft who offer a workaround, which wouldn't work for me - luckily - as it reduces the efficiency of the RAM.

I Had a PC with 2 x 1GB of RAM fitted and bought 2 x 1GB extra only to find that 3GB was recognised.

I tried various configurations but could not achieve more than 3GB.

I was left with few options:

1. Take out 1GB and run the PC on 3GB. Sounds good but in fact it's not because if you don't have RAM loaded in pairs you end up with the DDR dual channel disabled.

2. Leave 4GB in and get 3GB usable with DDR dual channel enabled.

3. Update to 64-bit Vista which will recognise 128GB RAM.

I went for number 2 as I had already paid for the RAM. I might one day get a 64-bit o/s or Vista SP1 might contain a fix.

If you want a bit more info have a look at the Asus Forum, where you will find quite a bit about this subject. click here

  archieb 13:56 08 May 07

Thanks very much for that. Would you be happy to be quoted in print? If so, perhaps we can discuss this in more detail off-forum -- please feel free to email me and I'll telephone/email you more information.

Archie B.

  Pine Man 14:17 08 May 07

Have emailed you.

  Pine Man 14:31 08 May 07
  Pine Man 14:34 08 May 07
  Pine Man 14:36 08 May 07
  Pine Man 14:44 08 May 07
  Kate B 14:57 08 May 07

archieb, a point of PCA good practice: it's generall preferred that issues raised in the forums are discussed and resolved in the forums so that we can all benefit from the discussion.

  Pine Man 15:00 08 May 07

I don't think that there is much I can tell him that isn't included in the links I provided above but I will make sure this post is updated if we do discuss other issues.

  archieb 15:58 08 May 07

Hi Kate B,

This post was a rally for a case-study, rather than intended as a seed for a lengthy discussion. That said, I'm more than happy to discuss the issues here, such as they are, because it is an interesting situation -- that's why I'm writing about it.

Of course, if this behaviour is frowned upon here then I apologise, withdraw the request forthwith and shall go elsewhere.

Archie B.

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