AppleMac Performa 6320-Startup Problem

  weston 11:55 07 Nov 08

I have an Apple Performa 6320 which will not start up from the HDD. After reformatting and reinstalling the OS 7.5.3, it has the smiling face then a rectangle appears in the top part of the screen with a double line border. The OS sticks and the rectangle quivers.

I have a Jaz Drive. Booting from that is OK as is booting from the supplied recovery disk.

Progs run OK from the jaz disk onto which I have installed the same recovery files as the HDD.

Any ideas why it won't boot from the HDD.

  Technotiger 16:22 07 Nov 08

I know nothing at all about Mac computers but, have you tried a different internal hard drive?

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