AppleCare purchase?

  Simsy 13:57 30 Aug 08


Looking for an Apple Macbook Pro, for my son...
We're flying out on hols from Heathrow next month, and can get one at a good price duty free from Dixons.... but they don't sell the AppleCare cover...

I've heard it said that this is only available direct from apple at the time of purchase of the product direct from apple.

Does anyone out there know if that's so?

Thanks in anticipation,



  crosstrainer 14:01 30 Aug 08

It looks like you can buy it as a bolt on within the first year, but don't qoute me on it...I'm no Mac specialist :))

click here

  Simsy 14:04 30 Aug 08

I should have checked with apple first...

Yes you can buy it seperately. I've just spoken on the phone to them.



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