Apple vs Compuetr ?

  sunshine65 16:06 23 Oct 10

Can't decide which to buy, help please !,,

  GaT7 16:10 23 Oct 10

Main/all uses are? G

  sunshine65 16:32 23 Oct 10

Personal, general use. Filing, email, web browsing, photo editing/storage

  john bunyan 16:36 23 Oct 10

I would go for a windows PC for your uses, as there ae far more applicatins available, and OC's are cheaper.

  john bunyan 17:18 23 Oct 10

OC's = PC's !!

  tullie 19:44 23 Oct 10

An Apple is also a computer.

  sunshine65 19:55 23 Oct 10

tulle, I know that, I,ve had a computer for 20 years. I just wondered if an Apple computer is worth buying for the needs I have of a computer

  bremner 20:18 23 Oct 10

If you have the cash and if you have the patience to learn OS X then you will find that the Mac is far superior to a Windows based PC for evrything other than gaming...

...and even then you can dual boot through Bootcamp to a Windows O/S

  Noldi 21:33 23 Oct 10

The quality of the iMac I have is very good. With the large screen the graphics are very good,I have not looked at other compact systems though. For me days of having it all in a bok under the desk are gone.


  woodchip 23:03 23 Oct 10

Docs are not easy if any to share with each other. As a Mac and PC use different ways of doing things. A Mac is better for Pictures and Graphic Design work etc than a PC but. Would not suggest for general use

  bremner 07:07 24 Oct 10

I do not understand where you have the idea that documents "are not easy" to share.

Mac Office, Open Office and Adobe Reader are totally the same for Mac and PC. Mac Text Edit performs the same as Notepad.

Please tell me what document is not easy to share?

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