Apple tv

  iqs 17:43 PM 12 Jul 11

Hi, I have an iPhone and iPad,and was wondering if the apple tv is worth the investment?. Can you only stream music and videos from the iPhone and iPad that have been downloaded through iTunes,or can you stream music/video files that were transferred to the iPhone/iPad buy other apps? Thanks

  Crosstrainer2 03:46 AM 13 Jul 11

Yes, yes, and yes!

I have had mine for a while now. As you say, you can stream from practically anything including Windows based PC's.

In addition to this, you can rent just about any film, subscribe to just about any TV series, use Youtube, flikr and the like.

One caveat though (from which I suffer) You do need a pretty fast BB conection to take full advantage of all fetures!

  iqs 20:17 PM 13 Jul 11

So it works with a Microsoft OS,does it support MKV files. Thanks

  Crosstrainer2 20:37 PM 13 Jul 11

The full picture:

Apple TV Full Specs

It's a powerful little piece of kit....Worth having!


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