Apple prices getting to be ridiculous?

  rdave13 20:55 07 Jun 14

This link was a result of PCA's hyperlink text in one of the forums.


Would anybody in their right minds buy a piddly cell phone/ computer for this amount of money considering it's just under a 10" screen and only 64 GB storage?

The mind boggles.

Unless there is an error on the site.

1]: [click here

  mart7 22:38 07 Jun 14

Link leads to "shoplet" ?

  rdave13 22:41 07 Jun 14

Yes and the 128GB price is fantastic.

  rdave13 23:00 07 Jun 14

Price of an iPad air 128 GB, Photobucket screen image.

  mart7 23:45 07 Jun 14

The link just shows copy paper,facial tissues,hand lotion etc lol

i can see the photobucket image though

  BRYNIT 23:51 07 Jun 14

It doesn't matter how big it is people will pay any amount for a product they want. Some people just want the latest tec no matter what price.

  rdave13 11:12 08 Jun 14

mart7 , strange, the first link goes to Shoplet for me and the iPad Air.

  HondaMan 11:56 08 Jun 14

Ya don't havta buy!

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:44 08 Jun 14

Apple iPad air 128GB WiFi £554 on Amazon. Still a lot of dosh.

  Woolwell 12:47 09 Jun 14

The Apple recommended price for that model is £649. Shoplet appear to be trying it on.

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