Apple Mac Pro running Lion and Windows?

  navagator 17 Mar 13

I have a brand new Apple Macbook Pro which I would also like to run windows on a seperate partition. I'm aware of Boot Camp as the means by which this can be achieved. Any advice re windows 7 or 8, anti virus or general advice greatly appreciated.

  mgmcc 18 Mar 13

Have a read of this Apple page about the use of Boot Camp. As your MacBook is brand new, is it not running "Mountain Lion", which is currently at OSX 10.8.2?

Boot camp lets you boot into either Mac or Windows and, according to the above page, Lion and Mountain Lion only support Windows 7; Windows 8 and earlier versions are not supported.

The alternative is Parallels 8 for Desktop which lets you run both Windows and Mac programs without rebooting. I did briefly try the "trial version" in conjunction with Windows XP and it seem to do what it claims, although I decided to stay with separate computers for Windows and Mac.

As I understand it, you would still need to protect Windows with AntiVirus, and malware/spyware applications.

  mgmcc 18 Mar 13

I should have emphasised that, although Boot Camp only supports Windows 7 with your version of OSX, Parallels doesn't have the same restriction. I believe it can use any operating system, including a second version of Mac OSX, Windows, Linux etc.

  bremner 18 Mar 13


Apple have released ML 10.8.3 that supports Windows 8 in Bootcamp

  navagator 18 Mar 13

Many thanks for your input. Yes it is running Mountain Lion. I think Boot Camp will do the trick. I only require windows to run two very important business programs (Paymaster and an accounts package), which don't have Mac versions at the moment. Windows 7 will do just fine. Once again thanks for the help.

  mgmcc 18 Mar 13


"Apple have released ML 10.8.3 that supports Windows 8 in Bootcamp"

Very timely! I had to check for updates though for mine to say 10.8.3 was available.


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