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  casper69 09:29 15 Jul 09


im looking at macbook pro laptops at the mo and wanted to find out what people think and ask a few questions.

1)can i use windows on the mac

2)can i use any windows program if Q.1 applies

3)do i need a virus protection software (i was told i dont)

4)if i need to transfer files from pc to mac or the other way is there and long and crappy way i have to do it or can it be done easily.


  HondaMan 10:16 15 Jul 09

As far as I know:
1. Yes but you may need additional software
2. Should be able to
3. YES, most definately

I am actually looking at the same decision, si if anyone else has any view, please jump in.

  dagnammit 11:44 15 Jul 09

Buy a mac to run windows, run windows programs?


Buy a mac to be a mac. Anyway:

1. Yes, intel processor & bootcamp. click here
2. Yes
3. Yes click here click here
4. Simple enough.

  interzone55 13:08 15 Jul 09

I must concur with dagnammit.

You pay a premium for a Mac, and they're rarely top of the spec tree.

If you want a Mac for their looks, then why not look at some of the other makes, Samsung & Sony both make good looking laptops.

I don't see the point of paying extra for a Mac, then paying extra to load it with Windows.

By all means buy a Mac and use OS X, but if you do then you will need AV software. Macs are not as secure as Steve Jobs would like you to think, and Apple generally take longer to own up to security problems and even longer to patch them...

  casper69 13:52 15 Jul 09

cheers guys

the reason for a mac was for both mac and windows video editing programs but also i was told they macs could not get viruses

but as i can see they can.

its just most people boast macs but i didnt see the appeal untill the virus and windows thing was said

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