apple ipod problems

  talinn shroud 19:15 25 May 04

2 questions

Can I have two ipods with one pc? I'm thinking of buying one for my partner

How do i get apple to replace their crap headphones which stopped working after 3 months?

  bremner 19:18 25 May 04

Yes U think you can because with iTunes you give the pod a name and it is recognised by that name when connected to the PC.

For all things pod this is an excellent site click here

  bremner 19:20 25 May 04

Second point is if you go to the Apple site you can complete a fault report and they send a box to return the defective item in. click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:21 25 May 04

Dump the headphones, they are slightly better than useless and get a set of Sennheiser. Can someone please confirm that people are happy to pay £300 for a 20Gb HD, or am I dreaming that advertising has power over people? ;-)))


  byfordr 00:03 26 May 04

Alternately upgrade your own headphones ultilising only a piece of string and 2 cans and some stickyback plastic

click here Some good prices for sennheiser would recommend these ones click here

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