Apple I Pod ( used with PC not a Mac )

  isca2 11:24 22 Jan 04

Any I Pac users out there ? If so, can they tell me what happens when the battery runs out as I understand that it is not user replaceable ! And how long it lasts !

  MichelleC 12:53 22 Jan 04

There's been a big stink about this, with Apple being investigated. The batteries have a limited life and when flat cannot be replaced making the unit useless. I believe if you make a complaint with Apple they may change the battery for you.

  MisterPaul 13:10 22 Jan 04

bringing in a replacement battery programme to the UK. You should contact them.


  isca2 13:54 22 Jan 04

I Pac ?? Sorry should have said I Pod, although I am sure you all know what I mean.

  Gaz 25 18:23 22 Jan 04

Yeah, and Musicmatch is BAD. It is bundled with it. AGHHHHH.

  Q-Bie 18:59 22 Jan 04

Not anymore it's not, they give away iTunes for windows now, much, much better :)

The batteries ARE user replaceable, but apple don't supply batteries to end users, there are a couple of places on the web you can order batteries from.

All this stuff about batteries strikes me as a bit of over reaction, I know people who've still got first generation iPods that work perfectly well.

Anyway for more info read this thread at iPodlounge

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