Apple crushing competition in the courts

  simonjary 24 Aug 11

What do people think of Apple's recent legal attacks on Samsung, halting the sale of Android-based tablets such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and today the range of iPhone-challenging Galaxy smartphones?

Fair defence of its designs or uncompetitive use of patents?

  ams4127 24 Aug 11

Personally, I think that Apple are starting to make themselves look stupid and are close to becoming a laughing stock. Whether this will lead to a loss of sales is hard to tell.

The thing which really puzzles me is I'm sure I read somewhere that Samsung make some of the parts for either the iPhone or iPad, or both. All seems very strange.

  Forum Editor 25 Aug 11

"I think that Apple are starting to make themselves look stupid and are close to becoming a laughing stock."

That's one way of looking at it, but it isn't mine.

Patent infringements can have serious consequences for a business (or an individual) when a great deal of time and money has gone into conceiving of and developing a unique technological advance. Big technology companies may file hundreds of patent claims in an average year, and they jealously guard what - to them - is the life-blood of their business. In the world of technology you innovate or die, and if you believe that someone else has infringed one of your patent rights without so much as a by your leave you fire up a bunch of company lawyers.

Apple has grown great on innovation. The company is famous for its 'object of desire' development strategies, and - so far - there have been more successes than failures. What will happen, now that Steve Jobs has announced he's to step down as Apple's CEO is anyone's guess.

  Autoschediastic 25 Aug 11

News just in that Steve Jobs has demoted himself to chairman! i wonder if this will have any implications on the future of Apple.? after all he was the one that pushed the company to where it is now.

Intresting apple have become a humongous company and i suppose they are trying to keep competition as weak as possible..

Story Here

  morddwyd 25 Aug 11

As I speculated in the dedicated Steve jobs thread, maybe we'll now see less litigation and more licensing.

Sony lost their innovative reputation and simply joined the run of the mill electronic companies because they were so restrictive with their patents.

When (not if) Apple start to lose their worldwide "object of desire" cachet their innovative designers and engineers may think their ideas will get more worldwide acclaim with a less restrictive company.


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