Apple 3Gs keeps cutting out during calls

  DAKAR 11 Jun 12

Hi all Anybody have any ideas,my other half's Apple 3Gs which is 5 months old and on contract all of a sudden started to cut out after a few minutes on a call,and then the screen displays the apple logo and when that goes off the phone works again. If all else fails will have to take it back to the shop. Many thanks as usual Dakar

  bremner 11 Jun 12

This is a very well documented issue with the 3GS after the upgrade to OS4.

Apple claim it results from the multitasking and you must ensure you have very few apps running in the background. Double click the home btton and then hold down on the first App icon. You will get a minus sign ag

Eachicon will display a minus sign, touch each and the App will close.

This never truely resolved the problem for me although it improved it somwhat. If the phone is only 5 months old take it back to an Apple Store, it doesnot matter if you did not buy it from them. Thry have been known to change the phone.

  DAKAR 12 Jun 12

Hi bremner Thanks very much for that information,I am going to take your advice and go back to the shop today,only thing is if they replace the phone will it not have the same OS installed creating the same problem? I would be interested in your view. Once again thanks Dakar

  bremner 12 Jun 12

Here is the Apple Support thread Apple Support

It is the logest of many and worth a skim read.


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