Aol and MAC code

  daisy2bell 17:13 PM 21 Oct 11

On Wednesday I requested a MAC code from aol as I have just had enough of the yo yo speeds. I've been with them for about 10 years, and although most of that time I was satisfied it was this last 12 months that it has got extremely bad.

Anyway to my surprise it came today in the post, so goodbye aol and hello Zen.

  Forum Editor 17:33 PM 21 Oct 11

Transferred to Consumerwatch from Speakers Corner.

  daisy2bell 17:38 PM 21 Oct 11

Thanks. Wasn't quite sure where to post.

  Forum Editor 17:55 PM 21 Oct 11

I know what you mean.

It's not always easy to guess where a topic should go, but on balance I think this is the place for your thread.

I'm pleased to hear that you got your MAC code so rapidly.

  daisy2bell 19:18 PM 31 Oct 11

Well, I'm pleased to say that I am finally free of aol. 7 days after requesting my MAC code I got switched to Zen 1/2 an hour ago. Almost double the speed.

  HondaMan 11:10 AM 07 Nov 11

Almost double the speed. And what about the price?

I have just looked at them and they seem to be far too expensive.


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