Adding Win 7 Machine to XP Network

  PyrusBoy 06:21 21 Apr 10

I have had to upgrade a PC to Windows 7. I am running a network on rest of machines on Windows XP called "MSHOME". Through a BT hub.
I can't find a way to add the new machine to this network, is there one?? Any help please, I'm not thick but I'm not a techi, so please in plain English.

  mgmcc 12:40 21 Apr 10

Make sure that the Windows 7 PC is in the same Workgroup as the other computers. I personally prefer to use a name of my own, but if the rest of your network uses MSHOME, then use that in Windows 7 too.

The network type in the "Network & Sharing Center" should be set as a Home Network.

If you have set any folders in Windows 7 as "shared" then that computer should be visible in "My Network Places" in the XP PCs. Don't get involved in "Homegroups", because that only applies to networking with other Windows 7 computers.

  PyrusBoy 12:57 21 Apr 10

Thanks problem fixed.

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