128 Gig iPad

  morddwyd 30 Jan 13

Apple have announced a 128Gig iPad, available from Monday.

At £639 for wifi only or 739 for 4g that's a bit pricey.


FE, as a professional and constant user would you pay that?

  Chronos the 2nd 30 Jan 13

Apple product have for far to long been over priced but with little competition have got away with it.But finally we are seeing decent alternatives at far more realistic prices which can only be a good thing.

I personally would not pay that sort of cash for what is basically adding a 128 SSD which is around £70 to an ipad and charging ridiculous amounts for doing so.

  Quickbeam 30 Jan 13

Am I right in thinking that the somewhat limited storage on phabpads means that you're intended to use the cloud as a primary link to work?

I still think in terms of 500+ gb HDs and having everything to hand.

  Forum Editor 30 Jan 13

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  Forum Editor 30 Jan 13

FE, as a professional and constant user would you pay that?

I doubt it, but when you consider what some people pay for mobile phones I imagine there will be a ready market for the new iPad version.

  Woolwell 30 Jan 13

It depends on what you use the iPad for. I have a 32 Gb version and it still has lots of room but I don't watch videos or put movies on it. I do have photos but these are selected ones and not my entire collection. With a tablet you don't need or want everything to hand. I don't think that it replaces a desktop or laptop but gives very good portability and is instantly on.

  Forum Editor 31 Jan 13

I mainly use my iPad for email on the move, for making notes in meetings, working on the internet - I'm using it to write this - and for its superb ability to get me from A to B on strange territory. I was extremely impressed with the way that it got me (using Google maps) from a French train terminal to the driveway of remote farmhouse in the Provence countryside without a single wrong turn. During the TGV train journey from the Eurostar terminal in Lille to the station in Avignon I tested the iPad's locator sensitivity - it tracked us efficently as we hammered through the French countryside at 200 mph. I even did some work in the forum during the journey.

All that,and a host of useful apps makes the iPad an indispensable device as far as I'm concerned. I have the first generation 64Gb 3G version. I've used later versions but haven't seen anything that compelled me to want to change. When I do make a change it will almost certainly be to another iPad, but 128Gb and 4G isn't ringing my bell right now - over £700 for a tablet is not a cost effective proposition in my book.


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