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More Windows Features

  • Feature: 13 new features in Windows Phone 8

    Microsoft has not officially published full details of its new mobile OS, but in two 'sneak peek' events in June and September Microsoft has presented Windows Phone 8 to journalists. Based on that information, here's what's new in Windows Phone 8.

  • Feature: Sony Vaio Duo 11 pictures

    One of Sony's more interesting upcoming products is the Vaio Duo 11, a hybrid Windows 8 tablet and Ultrabook laptop. Here are our hands-on pictures.

  • Feature: Windows Phone 8 release date and specs

    Microsoft has announced that the Windows Phone 8 release date is right around the corner, but failed to name actual date. So what we have done, is gather up all of the relevant information there currently is and put it in this tidy little 'Windows Phone 8 release date and specs' article for you to digest at your leisure.

  • Feature: Nokia Lumia 920 release date and specs

    The Nokia Lumia 920 release date is a curious one, as rather oddly, the Windows Phone 8 device's specs, price and design have already been given to the press, while the official Nokia Lumia 920's release date is still yet to be confirmed.

  • Feature: In pictures: Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820

    Nokia and Microsoft today announced two new smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 820 and the Nokia Lumia 920. Here we publish pictures of the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 handsets.

  • Feature: Windows 8 touch mouse: what you need to know

    Microsoft has launched a revolutionary new touch mouse to enable users to make to most of Windows 8 touch features. Here's what you need to know about the new wedged shaped accessory.

  • Feature: Windows 8 release date and features UK

    Microsoft has had Windows 8 in the pipeline for sometime now. We know pretty what to expect in terms of what features Windows 8 will have, and now we know its release date too.

  • Feature: 50 time-saving tips for Windows, Google, Gmail and Android

    The experts from PC Advisor share their favourite ways of working faster - not harder - with PCs and smartphones

  • Feature: Windows 8 uncovered: a deep dive into Windows 8

    Microsoft executives offer an in-depth look at some of the key features of the upcoming Windows 8 OS. Here's our deep dive into the features of Windows 8.

  • Feature: Top tips for recovering deleted files

    We've all done it: accidentally deleted files and immediately realised we needed them. Here are our top tips on how to successfully recover files for free.

  • Feature: Remove data before selling PC or laptop

    Our Helproom Editor explains to a PC Advisor reader how to clean up a PC before you pass it on or sell it.

  • Feature: New in Windows 8: Charms

    Windows 8 brings an entirely new word to the computing lexicon – Charms. We explain Windows 8 Charms, in pictures.

  • Feature: Windows 8: snap multi-tasking explained

    New to Windows 8, snap multi-tasking lets you dock one program in a small strip on the side of the screen, while working in another. Here's everything you need to know about snap multi-tasking in Windows 8.

  • Feature: New features in Windows 8: Virtual keyboard

    For those who want to use Windows 8 on tablets and touchscreen PCs, Microsoft includes a range of virtual keyboards. Here's a close look at Windows 8's virtual keyboard.

  • Feature: Windows 8 on tablet: hands on

    Windows 8 is the first OS that Microsoft has designed with touch control in mind. We see how it measures up on a tablet.

  • Feature: The history of Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft has a long and distinguished record of producing PC operating systems. As we get ready for the Windows 8 launch, we take a look at the history of Windows.

  • Feature: Windows 8: web navigation by touch

    The ability to access all your favourite sites by touch will prove a real boon to Windows 8 users. Here's a pictorial guide to navigation by touch in Windows 8.

  • Feature: Windows 8: the ribbon interface in pictures

    The ribbon interface has now made it on to Windows Explorer, allowing quick access to all your tools. We explain the ribbon in Windows 8.

  • Feature: Windows 8: native USB 3.0 support

    With USB 3.0's significantly improved speeds, Windows 8 users will be able to transfer all their music, photos and files faster than ever.

  • Feature: Which web browser is best?

    Not all Web browsers are created equal. Some are faster; some are more versatile; others are especially secure. We tested six leading browsers to learn where each one excels… and fails.

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