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Top 8 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft is nearing the full launch and here's why you should get on-board

Unsure about whether to upgrade to Windows 8? Here are eight reasons why it is a good idea.

Windows 8: Lock screen and picture password

With this version of Windows you have the option to use a picture lock screen similar to that of a smartphone. This is the new alternative to the traditional typed password or no log in at all.

The picture password requires three gestures to be carried out on the image to log in; choosing from straight lines, circles and taps. The lock screen can be customised with your own photo, time, date and app notifications.

Windows 8 Lock screen

Windows 8: Device compatibility

Microsoft has designed Windows 8 to work on different devices - it's not just for your PC. No matter whether the device is a 27-inch PC, 15-inch laptop or a 10-inch tablet, Windows 8 will adapt to that device for flawless compatibly.

Furthermore the Metro interface will scale to that device's screen size and resolution to provide a consistent experience. If you want consistency across your device then Windows 8 is a great reason to upgrade.

Windows 8: backwards compatibility

If you're worried about things being a bit too radically different in Windows 8 then the good news is that the OS is backwards compatible with Windows 7. Microsoft has included the 'Classic' desktop alongside the Metro interface.

This takes you to a traditional desktop where you can use all your usual applications which aren't designed for the Metro interface. The only different is there is no Start button.

You get the best of both worlds by upgrading, bringing you the new features of Windows 8 but not taking away the familiarity of the traditional desktop.

Windiws 8 Classic desktop

Windows 8: Task and file management

A couple of smaller but handy tweaks have been made to the Task Manager, File Manager. The latter consolidates multiple file operations into one window with the option to pause or cancel each one individually. There is also a real-time graph which displays the transfer speed.

The Task Manager has also has been enhanced and is split into Apps and Background processes. A new tab called App History includes a Metered network section which shows which apps have been using the most data.

Windows 8 file management

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