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  • Feature: 10 must-have utilities for small networks

    If you have a small network at your business or at home, you could probably do with some help. These ten downloads - most of them free, and none of them expensive - will make managing your small network much easier.

  • Feature: The 10 best free backup downloads

    We all know backing-up is one of the key rules to good computing. However, when you start listing everything you need to make a copy of to ensure you can return to normal pretty quickly if your PC should crash, there's much more than just digital photos and word documents. There's all your emails, program settings and even your games. Fear not, help is at hand in the form of these ten free downloads.

  • Feature: How to troubleshoot PC problems with Windows Task Manager

    Your PC has just crashed again. But wait a second before you reboot the machine: the Task Manager is a powerful tool for troubleshooting and resolving issues in Windows 7.

  • Feature: The five best time-saving downloads for email

    A large chunk of your time can be spent dealing with emails. However, there's plenty of free downloads that can make life a little bit easier for you. Here's five of our favourites.

  • Feature: The five best browser plug-ins

    Whether you plump for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser, we guarantee you'll have a couple of gripes when it comes to the software you use to surf the web.

  • Feature: Dropbox: insecure by design?

    The fundamental security of the Dropbox cloud storage service has been called into question by a researcher.

  • Feature: The five best downloads for small businesses

    Running your own business is certainly a time and cash-consuming venture. We've rounded up five downloads that can help you make better use of your time by making some computing tasks more efficient. They're also free, which means your wallet won't take a bashing either.

  • Feature: The five most commented stories of the week

    It's been a busy week in technology, from BT revealing plans to upgrade its copper network to support 20Mbps to Microsoft standing by its decision to block XP users from IE9. In fact, there's been plenty of stories that got our readers fired up enough to post their opinions on the web. Here's the five stories from PC Advisor this week that certainly got you talking.

  • Feature: Google Android's next challenges

    Google Android finally has the lead in the smartphone market, but that's no reason for the company to rest on its laurels. Android still has a lot of work to address. Here are Android's five biggest challenges.

  • Feature: Happy 20th birthday, Linux

    The Linux Foundation has kicked off several months of celebrations in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Linux operating system with a range of festivities and events, as well as key news announcements from three of its working groups.

  • Feature: Eight DLC Packs You Really Should Play

    Downloadable content is now an integral part of virtually every major release, but many gamers are still unfamiliar with the concept. Here's a handy guide to PC Advisor's favourite DLC.

  • Feature: The five best photo apps for smartphones

    Sony CEO Howard Stringer recently sparked speculation that the iPhone 5 will have an 8Mp camera after making some unguarded comments in an interview

  • Feature: 10 cool apps for Android Honeycomb tablets

    Android Honeycomb opens up a wild new world, which is poised to explode over the next few months. Here are some of the latest and greatest Honeycomb creations - some already available, and some set to launch soon.

  • Feature: Five free ways to speed up your PC

    Over time, your PC can become bogged down, bloated and slow. However, using some free software you can get your machine running smoothly and quickly once again. Check out our five favourite downloads to speed up your machine.

  • Feature: The five best free photo downloads

    There's a hint of spring in the air, and that means a chance to take the digital camera out and about. But once you've captured some great photos, what are you going to do with them?

  • Feature: The 5 most popular software downloads

    We've trawled the PC Advisor download section, which offers the latest and best software downloads for your PC, to bring you the five most popular programs that your PC just can't live without.

  • Feature: 5 iPad productivity tools for under £3

    The Apple iPad 2 launched in the UK last week, with long queues forming around the country. But it's just a fun gadget - not a tool for getting work done, right? Wrong.

  • Feature: The 40 best Android apps for business users

    Google Android smartphones are certainly challenging Apple's iPhone in terms of mobile sales, while more and more are finding their way into business.

  • Feature: The 8 best free Windows 7 tools

    There's an application for everything you need on your PC - and most of those apps are free. Here are eight corkers.

  • Feature: 3 ways Firefox 4 beats IE and Chrome

    The final version of Firefox 4 is expected to be released today. Here are three ways it beats rival web browsers.

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