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Advertisement: Alpha Five 11.0

Alpha Five 11.0 is ideal for database designers working in IT departments or consultancies


A New York non-profit organisation was finding it increasingly difficult to manage all its member, donor and event information on a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Since this document was desktop-based, employees had no choice but to call the office and request information should they need to access it on the road. Logical Design Database Solutions was asked to provide a better solution – one that enabled data to be accessed from a variety of devices, and allowed staff to extract only the information they required. Using Alpha Five, Logical Design Database Solutions was able to put together a prototype within a month, and on budget. The replacement software is accessible from any mobile device, and can track donations, events, members and communications. Rather than copying and pasting email addresses into messages, staff can also email clients directly within the app.


The Respiratory Care department at St Luke’s Methodist Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, required a system that let nurses enter patient details, and was available to all medical staff. Since nurses are often called away in the process of updating records, it was important that the database be robust enough to cope with entries being left open, and perhaps only partially completed. Budget constraints also had to be considered.

Cole Custom Programming, the firm tasked with producing the app, chose Alpha Five to build the software. Its visually-oriented, standards-led methods allowed the company to quickly and cheaply create the database.

Cole used Alpha Five’s Xbasic language and Xdialog building tools to prototype and then finalise a system that’s robust enough to cope with intermittent use and accessible from each of the hospital’s 200 workstations. The system came in under budget and on schedule, and is now being rolled out to other departments at St Luke’s.

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