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Advertisement: Alpha Five 11.0

Alpha Five 11.0 is ideal for database designers working in IT departments or consultancies


Step one: Don’t make your browser forms too rigid if you’re developing a multi-platform app – excessive scrolling will be required on small-screen devices. Liquid forms can handle screen-width automatically. The above form is fine for a PC, but difficult to view on a smartphone.

Step two: Look at the composition of the screen in the Design panel, and you’ll see no special commands are required to achieve the liquid-form effect. Alpha Five creates HTML that realigns itself to the shape and size of the screen on which it’s displayed. However, you can override this behaviour if required.

Step three: Narrow the width of the browser window to simulate its appearance on a small screen, and Alpha Five automatically shuffles down the grids. The software automatically readjusts the number of grids displayed in each row, depending on the width of the browser window.


Calendars can be built into Alpha Five databases and used for scheduling. Treat calendars as you would any other component that is added to a form, then tie events or to-do lists to them. To add a calendar, select New, then choose Calendar in the ‘Select Component Type’ dialog box.


The Calendar properties panel that appears onscreen offers a range of options. You can specify functional settings, such as when your working day starts and ends, plus cosmetic properties, such as the size of pop-up calendar panels and their colour scheme.

Preview the calendar to see how it will appear in your app. The screenshot above displays the weekly view, with a daily calendar to the left. Clicking on a time slot in the main panel to enter an appointment or meeting. This form can then be tailored to meet the needs of a specific app.

A number of options are available for purchasing Alpha Five, with the version 11.0 Developer Kit starting at £218 ex VAT. Exclusive bundle packs are also available, offering significant savings on individuals SRPs. For more info or to download a free trial, visit: tinyurl.com/alphafive


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