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PC Advisor's ultimate guide to the best Android apps

The apps you can't live without

There are literally thousands of apps available for Google Android, and they're not just available from the Android Market, Google's official app store. Those with a smartphone running Google Android can also head to independent app stores such as GetJar and Mobile Wever to peruse the software offerings for their phone. Here's our guide to some of the best Android apps available.


Apps for Android aren't just about fun either, there's also plenty to download if you're a business user. For a start, there's hundreds of apps designed to make you more efficient, such as Voice recognition software, which when put on a smartphone comes to life. All of the frustrations of trying to control your PC by voice - fiddling for a microphone, repeating yourself again and again, resisting the urge to relent and turn to your trusty keyboard - are eliminated when you use the same technology on your mobile phone. Here's seven of our favourite voice recognition apps for Android devices. Alternatively, the likes of Springpad – a free web-based productivity app that lets you clip web pages and create multimedia notes, shopping lists, to-do reminders and more, Google Docs for Android and Office Suite Pro are worth downloading.

As well as apps to make your more efficient, there's also plenty for working on the go. They can help you stay connected and keep your work streamlined, no matter where you are. These 12 apps will keep you moving and taking care of business.
Then there's utilities such as VoIP apps from the likes of Skype that will be handy for businesses. Furthermore, Cellcrypt has released an Android app that encrypts voice calls, addressing increasing concern that voice traffic over cellular networks could be intercepted with off-the-shelf equipment.
That's only the tip of the Iceberg, however, when it comes to business apps. Here's 40 apps that show that the Android platform can play a serious role in business, too.

If you're an IT Pro, such as a network administrator or tech support staffer that uses an Android smartphone, then you can also rejoice: There are hundreds of Android apps designed to help you get your work done faster, better and - best of all – remotely. Here's a roundup of 10 Android apps you'll find useful. At the same time why not check out this list of 10 apps that slice and dice the world of information in more personal or sophisticated ways, so that you're never at a loss when you absolutely have to know something right now.

If you're someone that wants to put your apps and your handset to good use, then why not consider a recent app released by the BBC. The UK 3G survey aims to map the 2G and 3G coverage across the UK by recording data on 3G network coverage from every device the app is installed on for over a month.

Finally, why not develop your own app with help from Google App Inventor, which comes with the ambitious goal of allowing anyone to create simple apps for their mobile phone.

Saving money

The UK may well be on the way out of the recession but that doesn't mean you should stop saving money. Following the news that O2 has launched the Priority Moments app that lets its customers find money saving deals and special offers nearby by using the handset's GPS to identify the user's location, here's five of the best Android apps that will help you save money .

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