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5 iPad productivity tools for under £3

Software you've probably never heard of

The Apple iPad 2 launched in the UK last week, with long queues forming around the country. But it's just a fun gadget - not a tool for getting work done, right? Wrong. We've rounded up five iPad apps under £3 that you've probably never heard of. They're a great help to most companies and their workers.

Salesforce Chatter

Sales, marketing and public relations pros know the value of relationships and networking. A social networking iPad app tuned specifically for Salesforce users, called Salesforce Chatter (free), seemed only natural and was released last autumn. More than a quarter of Salesforce's customer base uses the platform.

Salesforce Chatter lets users post status updates, pictures, links, even PowerPoint presentations, as well as updates on projects and sales deals. They can create business profiles that highlight work experience and include graphics that show performance.

Salesforce Chatter keeps executives up to date on the latest sales-related happenings, as well as what's on the minds of the movers and shakers in their industry. Users can also search out people with related business interests in the hopes of growing their network and finding potential customers.


Chances are you've sat in corporate meetings frantically scratching notes on a pad of paper. It's not very efficient, and you've probably missed important details. This method of note-taking has been going on for generations. There's got to be a better way.

Now there's SoundNote for the iPad (£2.99), which not only lets you take notes and drawings but records audio of the meeting.

The best part of the app: while an audio recording backs up your notes, you won't have to look forward to hours of listening to the recording and maybe even transcribing to find missed details. Just tap on a word, and you'll jump to the proper place in the audio track.

(Okay, it's awesome for tech reporters, too.)


Are you searching for the right word in an important email? Have you run across a word whose meaning eludes you? It probably happens all the time, especially on the iPad where reading books and web articles is a mainstay of the device.

WordBook XL - English Dictionary & Thesaurus on the iPad just might be the best £1.79 investment on the App Store. Quickly look up words and learn their meanings, or use the thesaurus to find the perfect word. You can bookmark words that you might want to use later.

Even if you're not a wordsmith or voracious reader, WordBook helps you avoid gaffes that can make you look foolish. The app has a neat pop-up spelling engine that helps you find the correct spelling of words.

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  1. Software you've probably never heard of
  2. Salesforce Chatter
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