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The 8 best free Windows 7 tools

Free utilities to make your PC more capable

Isn't there an application for pretty much anything and everything I need on my PC? And aren't those apps typically free? Yes, pretty much. Here are eight of my recent Windows tools discoveries.

5. TeamViewer

I stumbled upon TeamViewer at a download site. It's a screen-sharing and file-transfer application that provides remote access to a second computer so that you can help tech-challenged relatives. You can find other tools like this on the market, but TeamViewer is easy to install and work with; plus, it's free.

6. ClipTraining

This is my company's tool, but it's worthwhile. ClipTraining has 100 videos (five hours' worth) on Windows 7 task-based training, plus instructions for Office and other applications.

7. AllMyApps

Here's a good idea: Take all the applications you normally need to download and install one by one, but instead, choose them all from one source, then download and install them in one group. AllMyApps has more than 1,600 apps available.

8. Dropbox

The cloud-based Dropbox tool lets you access its included free 2GB of space (you can rent more if needed) to establish offsite backups and transfer data easily from one system to another. Dropbox is also a great collaboration tool; unlike with an FTP site, you can simply drop a file in the Dropbox folder on your system and have it sync with others to which you've granted access. It works in Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and other platforms.

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  1. These utilities make your PC more capable
  2. TeamViewer
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