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More SMB Tech Features

  • Feature: Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps for Business

    Office 365, now available to the public for beta testing, is Microsoft's answer to Google Apps for Business. We evaluate the two competing packages to find the best set of software tools for business.

  • Feature: The ultimate guide to working from a coffee shop

    Thanks to their offer of free Wi-Fi and a never-ending supply of tasty treats, coffee shops have become an office away from home for many. Here's how to stay productive and secure your gear and data.

  • Feature: Can the PlayBook serve two masters?

    The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which goes on sale Tuesday starting at $499, is performing a balancing act between two worlds -- enterprise customers and consumers.

  • Feature: Pros and Cons of BlackBerry PlayBook for Business

    RIM has taken the wraps off the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and so far the reviews seem to be mixed. Shortcomings aside, though, the tablet has a number of qualities that make it uniquely suited for business use.

  • Feature: Five free utilities to save businesses time and money

    Running your own business can certainly take up plenty of your time and cash. If you feel there's not enough hours in the day or your wallet is taking a beating, check out these five apps that'll give you important tools for free.

  • Feature: 10 must-have utilities for small networks

    If you have a small network at your business or at home, you could probably do with some help. These ten downloads - most of them free, and none of them expensive - will make managing your small network much easier.

  • Feature: The 10 best free backup downloads

    We all know backing-up is one of the key rules to good computing. However, when you start listing everything you need to make a copy of to ensure you can return to normal pretty quickly if your PC should crash, there's much more than just digital photos and word documents. There's all your emails, program settings and even your games. Fear not, help is at hand in the form of these ten free downloads.

  • Feature: Fix the six biggest Windows 7 nightmares

    Here are six common Windows 7 disasters, and how to fix them.

  • Feature: The five most commented stories of the week

    There's been plenty of tech stories to hold our interest this week. Whether it's the news that Fujitsu plans to roll-out a fibre network to rival the offering from BT with speeds of up to 1Gbps to the fact Spotify has slashed the amount of hours per month users of its free service can stream music for, our readers have certainly been getting fired up.

  • Feature: Tech tips to start a business for free

    Social networking and mobility are now critical themes in the startup business world. Here's how to start a business with practically nothing besides a good idea and a lot of free time.

  • Feature: The five best time-saving downloads for email

    A large chunk of your time can be spent dealing with emails. However, there's plenty of free downloads that can make life a little bit easier for you. Here's five of our favourites.

  • Feature: Dropbox: insecure by design?

    The fundamental security of the Dropbox cloud storage service has been called into question by a researcher.

  • Feature: The five best downloads for small businesses

    Running your own business is certainly a time and cash-consuming venture. We've rounded up five downloads that can help you make better use of your time by making some computing tasks more efficient. They're also free, which means your wallet won't take a bashing either.

  • Feature: How to beat internet distraction disorder

    The digital revolution has created an unexpected challenge: how do you get work done when a world of amusements is always just a click away?

  • Feature: Five free ways to speed up your PC

    Over time, your PC can become bogged down, bloated and slow. However, using some free software you can get your machine running smoothly and quickly once again. Check out our five favourite downloads to speed up your machine.

  • Feature: The 5 most popular software downloads

    We've trawled the PC Advisor download section, which offers the latest and best software downloads for your PC, to bring you the five most popular programs that your PC just can't live without.

  • Feature: Four reasons to avoid the BlackBerry PlayBook

    The BlackBerry PlayBook will soon move from vapourware to the real world. But we think the Apple iPad 2 is a better bet than its 7in rival - here's why.

  • Feature: 5 iPad productivity tools for under £3

    The Apple iPad 2 launched in the UK last week, with long queues forming around the country. But it's just a fun gadget - not a tool for getting work done, right? Wrong.

  • Feature: Three new search engines worth checking out

    Google, Bing and Yahoo. Somebody who's never seen a computer might think that's the cast of a 1930s comedy. But we know them as the three big players in the search engine marketplace.

  • Feature: The 40 best Android apps for business users

    Google Android smartphones are certainly challenging Apple's iPhone in terms of mobile sales, while more and more are finding their way into business.

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