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More Smartphones Features

  • Feature: Windows Phone 7.8 FAQ: What you need to know

    Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 8, but existing users won't get it. Instead current users will be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8. Here's everything you need to know about the OS.

  • Feature: Best iPhone weather apps

    Use you iPhone to check the weather forecast while you're on the go. Here's what we think are the best iPhone weather apps.

  • Feature: Best Android weather apps

    Smartphones are becoming the first port of call for many people who want to find out the latest weather forecast. So here is what we think are the best Android weather apps.

  • Feature: CES Unveiled 2013 in pictures

    The best and worst gadgets and technology from CES Unveiled 2013.

  • Feature: 8 tech resolutions for 2013

    You may already be feeling a sense of dread over some of the New Year's resolutions you've told everyone you're going to make. Have you pledged to give up smoking? To lose weight at the gym? Off you pop then... Here are some tech New Year's resolutions that are far more easy to keep, and can be completed from the comfort of your own, if you like, bed.

  • Feature: Best Android apps for new smartphones and tablets

    We've put together a list of the best Android apps for a new smartphone or tablet to get you started.

  • Feature: What are the biggest mobile threats in 2013?

    2012 is almost over! Security expert Kevin Freij from www.mymobilesecurity.com sums up the past year and forecasts the threats, such as fake app stores, Wi-Fi networks and hijacked mobile payments, that smartphone and tablet users are likely to encounter in 2013, and offers tips on how to avoid them.

  • Feature: Best smartphones of 2012

    After twelve months full of smartphone launches we've put together a list of the top 10 of 2012.

  • Feature: What are my consumer rights this Christmas?

    Tech kit is usually reliable, but what happens when something goes wrong with your purchase? We outline your rights according to law, including the Sale of Goods Act, Distance Selling Regulations, Small Claims Court and warranties.

  • Feature: iPhone 5S release date

    The dust has barely settled on the last major Apple smartphone launch and rumours are already starting do the rounds about when the iPhone 5S's release date will be. Here's is where we scour the internet and bring you back the web's latest iPhone 5 release date rumours.

  • Feature: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean FAQ: What you need to know

    Everything you need to know about Google's Android 4.2 Jelly Bean mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets.

  • Feature: What's new in Windows Phone 8? 5 new features in Windows Phone 8

    Tonight at an event in San Francisco Microsoft's Joe Belfiore and Steve Ballmer revealed the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. Here we focus on five new features Microsoft promoted at this evening's event.

  • Feature: What are the new iPhone 5 features?

    Don't dismiss the iPhone 5 as merely a stretched iPhone 4S. It's much more than that. We take a look at what the new iPhone 5 features are.

  • Feature: Latest Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

    To keep you up-to-date with the latest from the Samsung Galaxy Range, here is a list of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

  • Feature: 13 new features in Windows Phone 8

    Microsoft has not officially published full details of its new mobile OS, but in two 'sneak peek' events in June and September Microsoft has presented Windows Phone 8 to journalists. Based on that information, here's what's new in Windows Phone 8.

  • Feature: What is 4G? A complete guide to 4G

    What is 4G? We guide you through the 4G minefield, explaining everything there is to know about the latest mobile broadband technology hitting the UK.

  • Feature: Windows Phone 8 release date and specs

    Microsoft has announced that the Windows Phone 8 release date is right around the corner, but failed to name actual date. So what we have done, is gather up all of the relevant information there currently is and put it in this tidy little 'Windows Phone 8 release date and specs' article for you to digest at your leisure.

  • Feature: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S video and photo comparison

    Here's how the iPhone 5 compares to the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3 for taking video and photos.

  • Feature: Nokia Lumia 920 release date and specs

    The Nokia Lumia 920 release date is a curious one, as rather oddly, the Windows Phone 8 device's specs, price and design have already been given to the press, while the official Nokia Lumia 920's release date is still yet to be confirmed.

  • Feature: Can I get iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S?

    The new mobile operating system iOS 6 will be a free update for some Apple smartphone users. Here we will tell you if you can upgrade your iPhone 3GS / 4 / 4S to iOS 6.

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