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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, price and specs in the UK

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's UK release date, price and specs

From 17th January 2013:

Needless to say, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date and specs rumours do not all come on the same day. Rather, they come about from little leaks here and there, and over time a clear picture of what to expect is formed. So you really should bookmark this page and check regularly for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date and specs news. See also Group test: what's the best smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date

While there has been no official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date announced yet, there are one or two very feasible rumours doing to rounds as to when it could be launched.

The first Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date rumour that caught our attention was reported by The Korean Times, who rather unimpressively says that the Note 3 will arrive sometime in 2013. Hardly the scoop of the century, but it’s a start…the Galaxy Note 3 is definitely coming this year…according to the Korean Times.

Thankfully the Wall Street Journal has gone on to narrow down the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date to the first half of the year. The WSJ is claiming that it came to get this timeframe from Samsung sources. And for now, that’s about it so far folks, we did say it was a work in progress, but don’t worry this sort of thing snowballs once a couple have started. So you can expect a more convincing and specific Note 3 release date very soon.

To chuck our expert two penny’s into the pot, we’d have to say that a Galaxy Note 3 release date in the first half of the year would be a little surprising, considering that the Note 2 was only launched at the end of November 2012. The first half of the year is also when Samsung is expected to launch its flagship S4 device, which is fast approaching its first birthday (a long time in the smartphone world without an updated device on the horizon). So the idea of Samsung launching two major high-end smartphones in the same half of the year is a little hard for us to get our head around…stranger things have happened though. See also Samsung Galaxy S4 release date, specs and rumours.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs

The Samsung Galaxy Notes really are the original ‘phablets’. The Note 2 measured in at 5.95 x 3.17 x 0.37-inch, which is ridiculously big for a smartphone and if the rumours are to be believed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be even bigger. Exact dimensions haven’t surfaced yet, but what has been leaked so far is the potential screen size for the Note 3.

Another report published in the Korean Times is claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have a whopping 6.3-inch display. To put that into perspective, the already big screened Galaxy Note 2 has only a 5.55-inch screen, while other popular smartphones such as the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 have 4.8-inch and 4-inch displays respectively.

The Korean Times report didn’t stop there, it went on to predict that “Samsung plans to use the Octa core processor in the upcoming 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 3”. This is the same processor that was launched at CES 2013.

Samsung is widely expected to keep the storage options the same for the Galaxy Note 3, offering the device with either 16GB or 32GB of flash memory, while keeping the removable SD slot to allow up to 64GB of microSDXC storage too.

That, as they say is that…for now. This is a work in progress remember so keep this page bookmarked and come back regularly, as you can be sure that we will be adding all of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note release date and spes rumours to this article as soon as we get them.

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