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  • Feature: The five best free parental control programs

    Recent research by security firm AVG revealed UK kids aged six to nine years old spend an average of 4.2 hours per week using social networks. The research also nearly half (47 percent) of this age group talk to their friends online but 20 percent have admitted to being bullied online.

  • Feature: PC Advisor today - top technology news, reviews and tips, 09/06/2011

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and tricks

  • Feature: PC Advisor today - top technology news, reviews and tips, 05/07/2011

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and tricks

  • Feature: 8 hot features in Windows 8

    Microsoft recently allowed select OEM partners to download updated preview builds of Windows 8. Since then, there have been several leaked images of supposedly new features that you might see in the next version of Windows when it launches (perhaps in early 2012). And Microsoft showed off some features in a preview last week. Here we have compiled the most interesting ones.

  • Feature: PC Advisor's top tweets of the week – 26th May

    It's been a busy week on Twitter, but its not all been about a certain premier league footballer, although we've had fun enjoying the wealth of tweets poking fun at him. There's been plenty of other topics to keep users of the micro-blogging site occupied. Here's PC Advisor's favourite tweets of the week.

  • Feature: Five downloads to help you express your creative side

    No doubt you spend plenty of time working on your PC, but what about having fun? Of course you can play games on a computer but what can you do to express your creative side? Here's five free downloads that make it easy to get creative in a digital fashion, from painting on your PC to helping plan new interior décor for your home.

  • Feature: Five downloads to help you get more from YouTube

    There's no denying YouTube is great, whether you just fancy whiling away a few hours watching clips of people falling over, or you fancy promoting your business with some interesting short films. However, with these five downloads you can get more from the Google owned-sharing site.

  • Feature: The five most commented stories of the week - 20 May 2011

    It's been a busy week in technology. For a start, Sony finally get the PlayStation Network up and running again.

  • Feature: The five best privacy downloads

    Everyone is concerned about privacy and security online, and online tracking is a problem that has worried internet net users for many years. However, here's five free downloads to help you discover what info (if any is being tracked) while the others can help you erase the data and prevent yourself from being snooped on in the future.

  • Feature: The five most-commented stories of the week - 13 May 2011

    It's been a busy week in tech, from the Sony PSN outage to ACS:Law's Andrew Crossley getting fined just £1,000 for a data breach. Here's what got you talking.

  • Feature: PC Advisor's top five tweets of the week – 12 May 2011

    There's been plenty of news to keep Tweeters shackled to their PCs or smartphones this week, so they can share their thoughts on topics with web users across the globe. And PC Advisor is no exception. Here are our favourite musings and thoughts from Twitter from this week.

  • Feature: The five best apps for working on the go

    These days working on the go is a regular occurrence for many of us.

  • Feature: Five of the best free games on the web

    Sony's PlayStation Network may still be down, but fear not. You can get your gaming fix with these free downloads from the web.

  • Feature: The five most commented stories - 6 May 2011

    It's been a busy week in tech this week. While the outage of Sony's PlayStation Network has dominated IYT news this week (and our readers are pretty unhappy about it), there's been lots of other things going on, including the release of the Motorola Atrix smartphone and a new version of Linux.

  • Feature: How to erase your digital footprint

    In a world where we share more information online than ever before, it might seem impossible to disappear completely. But that's not the case.

  • Feature: PC Advisor's top five tweets of the week - 5 May 2011

    It's been a busy week in the Twitterverse, and like many fans of the micro-blogging site, we at PC Advisor have been avidly reading the thoughts of others, as well as posting some of our own musings. So here's our five favourites from this week.

  • Feature: Timeline: Sony PlayStation Network hack

    This is a timeline of major events associated with the attack on Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services.

  • Feature: Facebook facial recognition could get creepy

    Facial recognition may be just one more way for Facebook to make photos of us more public and far less private.

  • Feature: Alternatives to the PlayStation Network

    We've put together a list of alternatives to the currently offline PlayStation Network: ways to play games against your friends online, download media and network socially, all using your PC.

  • Feature: Top tips and tweaks to fix your Wi-Fi

    Is your trusty Wi-Fi network faltering? Are you encountering problems with streaming media, online games or network backups? Here's how to solve common wireless problems.

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