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  • Feature: The top 5 Kickstarter successes

    Websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are changing the way that products are developed. We look at the top five crowdfunded innovations: the Pebble Watch, Ouya, Oculus Rift, GoldieBlox, and Double Fine Adventure.

  • Feature: Xbox One release date, price and features

    The new Xbox One is just around the corner so here's everything you need to know about its release date, price, pre-order, specs, features and more.

  • Feature: Why you need a VPN

    Here's why a VPN for your computer, tablet or phone will boost security by encrypting and anonymising all your internet activity. Both private and business users can benefit.

  • Feature: What happens to your Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple account when you die?

    We’re storing ever more information online so it pays to know what happens to it when we die. We investigate what the law says and the policies of the major players, before suggesting how to make sure your wishes are met.

  • Feature: What is BT Sport?

    BT Sport is now live with six channels, including ESPN, so here's everything you need to know about getting BT Sport.

  • Feature: How to keep your kids safe online

    Here's where we show you how to keep your children safe online and block websites. The internet is stuffed full of great resources and activities for kids, but there's a danger they'll find and do things which aren't so wholesome.

  • Feature: What you need to know about Google Wallet

    Like Apple's Passbook, Google Wallet was meant to take the world by storm and let you use your smartphone to pay for everything and thus replace your wallet. But that clearly hasn't happened. Here, we look at some reasons why Google Wallet hasn't taken off... yet.

  • Feature: 11 brilliant tricks to search Google faster

    Google has introduced many search 'widgets' recently, so you can get a weather forecast, check what's on at the cinema or even find a hotel without visiting another website. Here's how to use the best ones.

  • Feature: Beginners' guide to building a website

    Getting stared with a website is easy, and you don’t have to be a design genius to get the best results. There are plenty of templates where the hard work has been done for you.

  • Feature: The ultimate guide to online maps

    Whether you need to get driving directions or plan a hike, navigate around a city or are interested in historial maps, you'll find everything you need right here in our comprehensive guide to digital maps.

  • Feature: Best online maps for walking in cities

    Hiking maps are't much use for getting around towns and cities on foot. Here we'll look at options for guiding you to a destination in real-time as well as planning routes in advance.

  • Feature: What is 'The Internet of Things'?

    We explain the term 'Internet of Things', and examine the way in which connected devices are about to change our world.

  • Feature: The Future of TV

    We speak to YouTube, Netflix, Rooster Teeth and the BBC to find out what they predict about the future of TV. Will scheduled programming cease? Who will make the content we watch? And what technology will we use to watch it? We spoke to a collection of industry experts who are working towards the answers to these questions, and who also pose a few of their own.

  • Feature: 10 best Chrome extensions

    Extensions are add-on functions for Google's Chrome browser. They allow you to customise it to give it the features you want, and make it quicker to do the things you regularly do. Here are 10 extensions you should try out today.

  • Feature: What’s the best type of map to use for driving?

    Whether you're simply driving from A to B or planning a scenic road trip, we explain the best apps and online mapping tools to use

  • Feature: Best online map for hiking

    When hiking or walking, you'll want a more detailed online map than a standard satnav or Google Maps can provide. Here we look at Ordnance Survery, Harvey, Fugawi and other digital map providers.

  • Feature: 10 things you didn't know about Google Maps

    Even if you're familiar with Google Maps and Google Earth, you might not realise how much these free mapping services offer. Here are 10 useful features you should know about.

  • Feature: What is Big Data? Understanding Big Data, and how it affects us all

    We explain the term Big Data: what it is, and why it matters to everyone.

  • Feature: Trace your family history: find out about your ancestors

    These days it's easy to trace your family history. We'll explain how to track down information using online services and social networks, and how to publish your research both online and in a printed book.

  • Feature: How to publish your family tree: print a book, wall chart, make a website and more

    Once you've researched your family history, you'll want to produce a family tree and publish it. Here we outline the options for sharing it online as well as printing it out.

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