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10 must-have downloads for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Make social networks even better

Think Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer enough on their own? Think again. These apps ramp up your social networking power - and many of them are free.

Slideshare Presentations

LinkedIn makes finding and communicating with your professional colleagues easy. Adding Slideshare Presentations to your LinkedIn account makes sharing professional-looking content with them easy, too. The free app lets you upload and share a variety of materials - including PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, Word documents, PDFs and videos - that you can use to market yourself, your business, and more.


Don't be fooled by its name: this lightweight, Adobe AIR-based desktop client is actually designed to help you get the most out of Twitter. DestroyTwitter (free/donationware) keeps its footprint small by focusing only on Twitter. It offers plenty of customisation features for helping you use Twitter the way you want to, whether that means, for example, filtering out certain users and hashtags, opting not to receive Foursquare and Gowalla location-based updates, or simply altering the app's font size.

Seesmic Desktop

Can't choose between Facebook and Twitter? With the free Seesmic Desktop, you don't have to. This app lets you manage Facebook and Twitter accounts, and it grants you access to an additional 50-plus services thanks to its comprehensive list of available plug-ins. The trade-off for all of that access is a slightly jumbled user interface, but that's a compromise that active social networkers may be willing to make.


  1. Make social networks even better
  2. Slideshare presentations
  3. Twhirl

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