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25 great gadgets for summer

The best cameras, satnavs, music players and e-readers

Only the most useful, hardest-working gadgets earn a place in PC Advisor's hand luggage. Here are our tips for how to pack light but still be fully kitted out for a summer trip

Best Summer Gadgets: Charging and memory

Whether you're going for a day trip to the coast or two weeks trekking in the jungle, it's not just gadgets such as cameras and MP3 players that'll come in handy. There are plenty of smaller items, such as media cards, smartphone accessories, chargers and even gadget insurance that are a must.

Duracell MyGrid

  • £69 inc VAT

There's no need to cart several chargers around with you on your holiday. Save space, weight and tangled wires by packing a universal charger instead. The Duracell MyGrid is able to wirelessly charge up to four gadgets at once. Connect the MyGrid charging pad to a power source, then slip a Power Sleeve (which fits over your device) or Power Clip (which connects to your device's charging port and curves round the back of the gadget) to any item you want to charge. Place the device on the MyGrid power mat to begin charging.

Seven Power Sleeves and Power Clips are available, supporting the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, Nokia mobile phones and other handsets and devices that charge using a microUSB or miniUSB connector.

The touch-sensitive MyGrid, which measures 170x214x20mm, can detect when moisture or metal such as keys and coins are in contact with the pad. In such an event charging will automatically shut off, ensuring that there's no chance of an electric shock.

The Duracell MyGrid costs £69 inc VAT, while the Power Sleeves and Power Clips cost £19.

iGo Charge Anywhere

  • £49 inc VAT

The iGo Charge Anywhere is an alternative device charger that stores energy and can be used to power up a dead gadget when mains power isn't available. Plug the iGo into a power socket and, while its internal battery is being charged, its two USB ports can be used to charge electronic devices.

Simply select and connect the relevant power tip to your iPhone, BlackBerry or other device, then connect the other end to the iGo Charge Anywhere.

Rollei iPhone lens

  • £35 inc VAT

If you can't stretch to a new camera this summer, you can always make use of the camera on your smartphone. However, mobile phone cameras have their limitations and Apple's iPhone 4 is no exception. This is where German camera maker Rollei's ingenious solution comes in. The Rollei iPhone Telephoto Lens is a suction-based lens that allows you to take extreme close-ups that you can then examine in pin-sharp detail on the iPhone's retina screen. Digital zooming at up to 8x is possible, and a mini tripod is supplied.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2

  • £79 inc VAT

The Eye-Fi is an 8GB wireless memory card that lets you transfer photos from your camera to a laptop, PC or the web. The Mobile X2 has a Direct Mode that establishes a direct connection with an Apple or Google Android device and sends photos and video direct from the camera to a free app, subsequently making it available ‘online' even when no Wi-Fi network is available.

Gadget insurance

Finally, if you're taking your gadgets out and about, consider a dedicated gadget insurance policy from firms such as Protect Your Bubble or Insure and Go. Specifically aimed at high-tech devices, these policies start from as little as £1.49 per month and protect your gadgets against accidental and liquid damage, theft and breakdown.

Protect Your Bubble has joined forces with reward-and-return service TagBak (tagbak.co.uk). It provides a tag that can be stuck to the back of a device and registered online. If the gadget is lost, the finder simply uses the contact details on the tag to alert TagBak about the device's whereabouts. TagBak will then arrange the return of the gadget to its rightful owner, and reward the finder for their help. TagBak costs £12.95 a year, but Protect Your Bubble customers can register up to three of their precious gadgets using the service.

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