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How to make your own tech accessories for free

Don't spend when you can make it yourself

GPS holders, tablet stands, mouse pads - why buy them when you can build your own? Here's how to save money by creating your own tech accessories out of common home or office materials.

Tablet stand

Don't bother with a Smart Cover - you just need some chopsticks. We're borrowing this technique from Steph of the blog Upcycle Us, because it's just that cool: using chopsticks to make a stand for your tablet PC.

To start this DIY project, you'll need a load of chopsticks (probably 15). Puncture a small hole near the end of five of them, glue four together on top of one another, and use a tiny nut and bolt combination to attach the fifth. This is the front of your stand.

Glue a few more chopsticks together (to fit the depth of your device), and glue them to the chopstick immediately above the swivelling one on the line you just created. That's the bottom of your holder. Take the rest of the chopsticks and glue them together to form the back of the stand, and then glue them to the previous set such that the end of the line of chopsticks is on the same horizontal plane as the swivelling chopstick.

When you try to swivel that chopstick (the leg that keeps the entire construction upright) back, you'll notice that it doesn't quite work correctly. Take a knife and carve out enough room on the rear-chopstick section to allow the front chopstick to swivel, and voilà: one inexpensive tablet holder.

See the step-by-step instructions for this chopstick tablet stand.

Wrist rest

Rest your wrist on some rice. If you need a brain rest from that last tip, we have just the trick for you. You know all those fancy, silica-gel wrist rests you can purchase to alleviate the stress of day-to-day computer use - specifically on your mouse hand? Well, you can make your own version faster than you can probably read this paragraph. Grab a cotton sock - a sports sock, preferably - and fill it with either rice, flaxseed, or dried cherry stones.

Tie up the end of the sock - with itself if you can, or use a string or elastic band to seal it up (bonus points if you can sew the open end shut). And there you have it: one quick and easy wrist rest. You can even throw it into the microwave or freezer to give your tired arms an added jolt.

Make your own wrist rest with our step-by-step instructions.

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