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15 tech disasters for early adopters

Buying new gadgets on day one: brave

You rushed out, you got there early, you stood in line - and you bought Windows Vista, or the original Apple iPhone, or a big HD-DVD collection. And then the roof caved in.

3DTV and James Cameron's 'Avatar' (2010)

Avatar was supposed to be the film that sold 3D to the masses, but even now - 15 months after the film's box office debut - you can't buy a stand-alone retail copy of Avatar on 3D Blu-ray. That's because Panasonic locked up exclusive rights to bundle the movie with its 3D TVs and starter kits until February 2012. Trying to build a 3D Blu-ray library with a Samsung or Sony TV? Hope you like Piranha.

Intel Sandy Bridge Processors (2011)

Product recalls are bound to happen sometimes, but unlike your typical faulty power plug or bad battery, the design defect in Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset means early adopters will have to send their whole computers back for repair. The problem, which can degrade data transfers over time, affects second-generation Intel 6 series chipsets with Core i5 and Core i7 quad-core processors purchased after January 9 and before January 31. So if you were one of the first in line for Intel's new processor with integrated graphics, I hope you still have an old computer for backup.

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