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15 tech disasters for early adopters

Buying new gadgets on day one: brave

You rushed out, you got there early, you stood in line - and you bought Windows Vista, or the original Apple iPhone, or a big HD-DVD collection. And then the roof caved in.

Lala music service (2009)

Although Lala began as a CD-trading service, eventually the company settled on a business model that let US-based web users buy unlimited streaming of individual songs for 10 cents each. Lala even had an iPhone app in the works that could cache songs for offline listening. But in December 2009, Apple acquired Lala; the company shut down the service five months later. As a consolation, Lala gave paying customers their money back in the form of iTunes credit at 99 cents a song, allowing them to retain just about a tenth of their streaming Lala libraries from the very service they were likely trying to avoid in the first place.

Amazon Kindle (2010)

The Kindle's transformation from luxury gadget to impulse buy isn't based on a single moment but rather on a series of price drops that broke the hearts of early adopters. If you bought a Kindle 2 in February 2009, it cost $359 (£221). Five months later, $299 (£184). Three months after that, $259 (£159). By June 2010, the Kindle 2 cost $189 (£116) - and if you thought that was a good time to pull the trigger, July brought word of the Kindle 3, including a Wi-Fi model for £109. In less than a year and a half, the Kindle had become thinner, lighter, and a lot cheaper.


  1. It doesn't always pay to line up early
  2. Windows ME
  3. Blu-ray players
  4. Xbox 360
  5. HD DVD
  6. Lala music service
  7. 3DTV
  8. Motorola Xoom

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