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15 tech disasters for early adopters

Buying new gadgets on day one: brave

You rushed out, you got there early, you stood in line - and you bought Windows Vista, or the original Apple iPhone, or a big HD-DVD collection. And then the roof caved in.

Original Microsoft Xbox 360 (2007)

Video game consoles are always expensive when they launch, but the Xbox 360 went above and beyond the call of punishing early adopters with the now-infamous Red Ring of Death. To fix overheating consoles, Microsoft set aside more than $1bn and extended users' warranties to three years. But that wasn't the only gripe with early Xbox 360s; the first models also lacked HDMI output.

Windows Vista Upgrade Program (2007)

Thanks to a free upgrade program, Windows Vista's earliest adopters should have been the people who bought new computers shortly before the OS was ready. Instead, horror stories abounded, with PC makers taking weeks or months to push upgrades out to their customers. But look at it this way: by the time the upgrades arrived, some of Vista's bugs had been fixed.


  1. It doesn't always pay to line up early
  2. Windows ME
  3. Blu-ray players
  4. Xbox 360
  5. HD DVD
  6. Lala music service
  7. 3DTV
  8. Motorola Xoom

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