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15 tech disasters for early adopters

Buying new gadgets on day one: brave

You rushed out, you got there early, you stood in line - and you bought Windows Vista, or the original Apple iPhone, or a big HD-DVD collection. And then the roof caved in.

Windows Me (2000)

By now every techie knows that Microsoft's Windows Me operating system was a buggy, unreliable mess. When the OS launched in September 2000, however, the attitude among pundits was more 'you don't really need it' than 'avoid it like the plague'. Still, I pity anyone who ignored the advice just to have Microsoft's latest OS; after editors at our sister publication PC World dubbed it the fourth-worst tech product of all time.

RIM BlackBerry 5810 (2002)

Research In Motion's transition in 2002 from PDAs to smartphones wasn't the most elegant. The company's first phone for the North American market, the BlackBerry 5810, lacked a speaker and microphone for voice calls, so you had to use a wired earpiece. CrackBerry addicts who couldn't wait for a proper phone got bad news three months later, when RIM unveiled a trio of new models that would launch later in 2002 - no earpiece required.

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  1. It doesn't always pay to line up early
  2. Windows ME
  3. Blu-ray players
  4. Xbox 360
  5. HD DVD
  6. Lala music service
  7. 3DTV
  8. Motorola Xoom

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