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Latest Desktop PCs Features

  • Feature: New MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Mac Pro 2013 price in UK

    Apple has announced that it will be updating the MacBook Pro with Retina display laptop and Mac Pro desktop. Here's is where we bring you the official MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Mac Pro price in the UK.

  • Feature: Windows 8.1 release date and new features UK

    Windows 8.1, previously known as Windows Blue, is the first major update for the Windows 8 operating system. Here is the Windows 8.1 release date, new features and price.

  • Feature: Is your PC making you ill?

    Although using a PC can take its toll on your health, most of the risks can easily be prevented. He we provide some practical guidance to keep you healthy while you work on your PC.

  • Feature: Should I upgrade my PC

    If your PC or laptop is running out of steam, you might be better off upgrading it than buying a new one. We help you decide whether it’s worth investing in more memory, an SSD or even a new processor, and how to go about the upgrade.

  • Feature: Processor tech of the future

    Although silicon chips have been the mainstay of computing for over 40 years, some experts reckon that the impressive year-on-year performance improvements can’t go on forever. That doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the line, though, as our investigation of possible alternatives reveals.

  • Feature: PC Advisor Awards 2013 winners

    We present our roll call of honour for the best of the past year's technology, and our guide to the brands you can trust. Here are the winners of the PC Advisor Awards 2013.

  • Feature: Best Windows Desktop PC Brand

    We announce the winner of our Best Windows Desktop PC Brand award for 2013.

  • Feature: PCA Reader Awards 2013

    We announce the 2013 winners of our Reader Awards

  • Feature: Best PC tricks and pranks

    Everyone like to have a laugh and there's plenty of amusement to be had messing around with other people's PCs or laptops. Here are 10 harmless but brilliant Windows pranks.

  • Feature: How we test gaming PCs

    Here's how PC Advisor tests gaming PCs.

  • Feature: PC switches off when USB flash drive plugs in - advice

    Our Helproom Editor helps a reader solve a problem with the USB connector on his PC.

  • Feature: Things to download on a new laptop

    Just bought a new laptop? Here's what you need to download to make the most of it. From Skype and LibreOffice to AVG antivirus and 7-zip, we show you how to install it all automatically with one click.

  • Feature: 8 tech resolutions for 2013

    You may already be feeling a sense of dread over some of the New Year's resolutions you've told everyone you're going to make. Have you pledged to give up smoking? To lose weight at the gym? Off you pop then... Here are some tech New Year's resolutions that are far more easy to keep, and can be completed from the comfort of your own, if you like, bed.

  • Feature: Buying the right laptop for your family

    With so many laptop models available how do you make the right choice and ensure that you’re investing your money wisely?

  • Feature: What are my consumer rights this Christmas?

    Tech kit is usually reliable, but what happens when something goes wrong with your purchase? We outline your rights according to law, including the Sale of Goods Act, Distance Selling Regulations, Small Claims Court and warranties.

  • Feature: Top 10 tips for solving common PC problems

    We tackle ten of the most common PC problems from slow running to no internet connection, and provide tips on fixing and preventing them.

  • Feature: Overview: which Windows 8 tablets, laptops and all-in-ones are on the horizon?

    Last week Windows 8 was released, and in no-time dozens of hip new Windows 8 devices with touchscreens will hit the market. Tablets, laptops, so-called convertibles and all-in-one PCs with touchscreen have been announced by various manufacturers.

  • Feature: Laptop jargon buster

    Deciphering the various specifications can feel like a bit like navigating a minefield of codes and jargon. Read on to crack the code and get the best laptop for your needs.

  • Feature: Save money by going green with your tech kit

    Whether you're a tree hugger or not, it's worth knowing how much your kit costs to run, as well as the impact it has on the environment. We explain how to save money by choosing energy-efficient tech kit, easy tweaks to save power with your existing kit and how to recycle your old, unwanted gadgets.

  • Feature: Media Centre PCs buying advice

    Whether it’s listening to music or watching video, you can manage all your entertainment needs from the comfort of your sofa with a media centre. Here's what you need to know when buying one.

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