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iPhone 5 panorama examples

Panoramic photos shot with the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 may not have had a big upgrade as far as the rear camera is concerned, but there are some new features such as the ability to tap on a camera button to save still images while recording videos. See also: iPhone 5 review.

As well as improvements to the HDR mode, iOS 6 also introduces a panorama option which allows you to capture panoramic photos up to 270 degrees. The images are automatically stitched together and there's no noticeable processing time after finishing each shot. Don't get too carried away though as images can be up to 28 megapixels and take up over 15MB of storage.

All you have to do is to sweep the phone slowly around, keeping the arrow pointing at the guide line. You can stop at any point by tapping Done, and you can flip between left-to-right and right-to-left modes by tapping on the graphic.

It's possible to use the panorama mode vertically as well as horizontally, but bear in mind that the exposure is locked when you start. Since the sky is almost always brighter than the ground, you'll typically end up with a white, washed out sky. Conversely, if you start with the iPhone pointing at the sky, the landscape will be dark and under-exposed.

You can see both effects in the panoramas of the Shard building at London Bridge, below.

Here are some example panoramas we've taken with the iPhone 5. They're straight from the camera, although have obviously been resized to fit on the screen.

View from London Bridge

iPhone 5 panorama of view from london bridge

Download the original, unedited image to view at full size.

View from a rooftop at sunset

iPhone 5 panorama of view from rooftop

Download the original, unedited image to view at full size.

The Shard from London Bridge station, starting from the platform

iPhone 5 panorama of view from the Shard

The Shard from London Bridge station, starting from the sky

iPhone 5 panorama of the Shard

This image also demonstrates what happens when objects move in the scene - both the train and commuter passed in front of the camera.

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