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10 hidden must know tips for the new iPad

Discover 'secret' features you probably never knew existed

Take a screen grab

Ever wanted to capture what's on your iPad's screen to share it with friends, or merely keep something for posterity? If you press the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously, a full-screen image will be saved to your Camera Roll. You'll know a screenshot has been taken as the screen will flash white and a shutter sound will play.

Quickly scroll to the top of a list or web page

Unlike a desktop computer, you can't grab the scroll bars on an iPad to quickly get to the top of a page in Safari. What you probably didn't know is that if you tap right at the top of the screen on the status bar, the page you're browsing will automatically scroll back to the top. The same trick works in other apps, such as Twitter.

Split the keyboard in half

If you want to type with your thumbs while holding the iPad without having to stretch for the keys in the middle you can split the keyboard in half. Tap and drag the close keyboard key (bottom right) upwards. The keyboard can be moved up and down the screen.

iPad split keyboard

Save time when typing with hidden keyboard keys

Another feature that you may not have discovered, except perhaps by accident, is that some keys on the onscreen keyboard have extra keys attached. These are displayed if you tap and hold them. For example, if you need to write a French or Spanish word but use an English keyboard, simply tap and hold a vowel to reveal alternatives with accents.

Similarly, if you're entering an email address, tap and hold the '.' key to show a variety of endings including .co.uk and .com.

Use emoticons easily

Finally, if you like using smiley faces and other emoticons, add the Emoji keyboard. Go to Settings, General and then Keyboard. Tap International Keyboards and find Emoji in the list. Tap it to add it, and you'll then find there's a new globe key when you next see the onscreen keyboard. Tap it to show the other keyboards you've installed.

iPad Emoticons

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