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28 great iPad 2 tips and tricks

Master your iPad 2 with these tips and shortcuts

Apple's iPad 2 was made available in the UK this week The tablet PC might not be as fully featured (or as complicated) as a laptop or desktop PC, but a few neat tricks are still hidden between the surface. Read on to learn how to secure your iPad, sync your bookmarks, and more.

Toggle data roaming

If you're using a 3G iPad, you can turn data roaming on in the Settings, Cellular Data menu in case you want to try receiving cellular internet through a different provider (fees may apply). You can also check your data usage by going to Settings, General, Usage.

Make your passcode more complicated

iOS defaults to a four-number passcode, but you can turn it off by going to Settings, General, Passcode Lock, Simple Passcode. Now you can use any full keyboard password to lock the iPad. The password also helps to encrypt your mail and attachments on the iPad, so you probably want to make it safer than a four-digit number.

Set the iPad to self-destruct in 10 seconds

Okay, not really - but you can set the iPad to erase all data after ten failed passcode entry attempts by checking the Erase Data option under Settings, General, Passcode Lock.

Tweak AutoFill

You can choose to enable Safari's AutoFill feature in Settings, Safari, AutoFill. From there, you can tell Safari to fill forms automatically either by using your specified contact information or by remembering the names and passwords you've entered while logging in to websites in the past.

Sync your bookmarks

You can use iTunes to sync your iPad's Safari bookmarks with your PC's web browser. Open the iPad tab in iTunes, click the Info tab, scroll down to the Other heading, check Sync bookmarks with, and choose your preferred browser.

Email photos

The easiest way to email photos from an iPad is to open the Photos app, select a photo, press the button in the upper-right corner (the rectangle with the arrow, not the trash button), and choose Email photo... to send.

Know your web links

You can check a linked word's actual destination URL by touching and holding down on the link - it's a perfect way to sniff out phishy links.

Choose an app for email attachments

You can open a file attached to an email message by tapping the attachment in Mail, but if the default app isn't the one you want to use, you can press and hold and wait for a menu that lets you select an app.

Use the iPad as a picture frame

Not for physical photographs, silly. You can press the Picture icon in the lower-right corner of the Lock screen to have the iPad display its available photos.

Show traffic conditions

Open Maps, press the dog-eared page icon in the lower right, and then turn the Traffic overlay on. If your iPad has an internet connection, Maps will show real-time traffic conditions in the displayed area. Green means traffic is going at the posted speed limit, yellow means traffic is slower than the posted speed limit, and red means traffic is stop-and-go.

Share podcasts with friends

Listening to a podcast that you think a friend would like? You can share the link while you're listening to it by pressing the Email button while it's open.

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